Never content with just one project under her belt, Vanessa is in the process of creating
multiple websites that highlight different areas of her personality and life.
These websites are currently under construction, and you are encouraged to check back often
for new content.

Having two small children encouraged Vanessa to look for fun activities and events
for quality family time. Having very little money, however, meant that the activities
had to be very inexpensive. Finding activities that met the need proved time-consuming
and, at times, challenging. Hoping to help other families in a similar position,
Vanessa created Free Family Fun in Connecticut, a site that compiles ideas and
information, as well as updated event listings, to make cheap, quality time easy.

Vanessa is a big believer in the power of reading, and she is in the beginning stages of
creating a new website and mission: Children's Reading World. This site will encompass
all aspects of children's reading, from encouraging reluctant readers to studies on literacy and
the benefits of reading to resources for parents and children to find new and exciting
books and reading materials to sink their teeth into. Stay tuned for more information!

With a new career come new ideas! Vanessa has found a passion for planning
library programs for children, as well as other creative ways to encourage
people to use their local libraries. As a result, she is in the process of
creating a website to help librarians (and teachers, parents, etc.) engage
their patrons with fun, interesting programs, displays, and play spaces.

A Life You Want began as a blog to help others take charge of their lives.
Drawing from her personal experiences of struggling with her current status in life,
Vanessa decided to share her insights into how to use these struggles as a
jumping-off point to turn your life around and create the life you want.
Since its beginning, the blog sparked a book and series of e-books, and
Vanessa is considering expanding the brand, as well, into a group of resources
that include a workshop or seminar, forums, and more individualized guidance.